internet registration
Welcome to the internet powered by Lounea!

Your supersteady internet is just few clicks away!

Lucky you: Your condominum has made a great deal and chosen Lounea as you internet provider. Take the free of charge basic connection onto use by registering it in the Oma Lounea portal, where you can also easily order faster connection or purchase a new WiFi-router. 

Just five easy steps: 

  1. Click yourself to Oma Lounea and give your full address.
  2. Select the free basic connection or choose a faster upgrade.
  3. Add a streaming service, internet security or WiFi-router as needed.
  4. Sign in using your existing Oma Lounea id, or register as a new user. You'll need to use strong e-identification like online banking id verification or Mobile Certificate ("Mobiilivarmenne") to verify your identity.
  5. Check the contents of your shopping basket and confirm you order.   

DONE! Now just lean back and enjoy :-)


Oma Lounea 

Register your internet connection


Why do I need to register?

ISP's have certain legal liabilities, for example keep a log of the users of allocated IP-addresses and a liability to inform internet users during certain conditions. 

You'll send tons of spam to me if I regster

Registeration does not automatically subscribe you to our marketing roll.

You can easily control your marketing preferences in the Oma Lounea portal. However, we recommend our newsletter (in finnish). 

Can I register with a smartphone and/or using mobile internet?

Yes you can, the registeration site is available in public internet despite what ISP is being used. The site is responsive and mobile friendly. 

Does it cost something to register?

Nope, the basic connection and registeration do not cost extra. 

When I can register?

Registeration is available once you apartment has been connected. You'll get a notification to you mail box. 

I cannot register online, are there other options?

Yes, our customer service is here to help you: Call 0800-30300.